Paphiopedilum sukhakulii Schoser & Senghas


Paph sukhakulii

Paph sukhakulii

Found in northern Thailand and possibly northwestern Cambodia.  A fairly recent discovery from the late 1960's.  Dominated by the large petals covered with spots, sukhakulii can make some fantastic progeny when used as a parent.  Hybridizers have been selectively sib'ing the species and are into F4 and F5 generations which are far superior to those found in the jungle for both size, vigor and color.   There is a alba form of the species which green spots on the petals, green stripes on the dorsal and a green pouch over a white background.  There are also several albinistic forms which show various lighter shades of the spots, the most famous being the clone 'Paleface'.

Plant is generally easy to grow in culture, seems to like open well draining mixes. The alba forms for selfings of clones can be more difficult to grow.

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