Paphiopedilum stonei (Hook.) Stein


Paph stonei
Paph stonei


Paph stonei is found in an isolated area of Borneo.  It is a difficult plant to grow and flower, taking many years to mature a growth and many times requiring many growths to flower.  Once it does flower, it is a spectacular species.  It tends to pass the slow growing, difficulty to flower traits to its off-spring. 

There is a plant floating around as Paph stonei latifolium 'Ruth Kennedy' which was thought to be a lighter colored form of Paph stonei.  It is not awknowledged that this plant is not a true Paph stonei and is being made a distinct species, Paph platphyllum..

Grow in a well draining mix, when repotting, disturb the roots a little as possible.


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