Paphiopedilum rothschildianum (Rchb. f.) Stein

Paph. elliottianum

Paph rothschildianum

Paph rothschildianum

Paph rothschildianum has a narrow distribution mainly in New Guinea, in the east Malaysian mountian of Mount Kinabalu.  It was long the king of Paphs, holding up to five flowers and a tall erect stem with its broad horizontal petals.  Fortunately, through the efforts of many growers who have selfed and sib'd many different clones, seedlings are widely available. 

Plants can be easy to grow but difficult to flower.  The plants seems to require a two week drop in temperature to the low 50's or even high 40's in the fall to reliably initiate flower spikes.  Newer seedlings of more vigorous plants are also easier to flower.

Paph rothschildianum

Paph rothsclildianum 

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