Paphiopedilum micranthum Tang & Wang


Paph micranthum     Paph micranthum alba 'Picarde' FCC/AOS
          Paph micranthum                                                                   Paph micranthum 'Picarde' FCC/AOS (prov.)

Discovered in the Yunan province of China in the late 1980's, Paph micranthum is distinct for its large bowl type lip. The name micranthum comes from the original description by Tang & Wang back in 1951 from an apparently miniature flower. This flower is anything but small, but a medium size flower dominated by the lip. The petals have various shadings of yellow and green overlaid with the red striping. The lip is generally pink however the type 'Kwonzee' has a pure white lip sharply contrasting to the rest of the flower. There are also alba forms.

The plants seem to flower and grow easily on an open drained mix. They do send out runners into the mix and start new plants away from the main growth.

Paph micranthum Paph micranthum alba



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