Paphiopedilum malipoense Chen & Tsi


Paph malipoense
Paph malipoense

One of the many new species found in the Yunan province of China. Beautiful large flowers of various shades of green, overlaid with magentra striping. Lips can be green to a dull white. These are slightly fragrent. Recent discoveries in Vietnam and China have added two new forms. Both Paph jackii and Paph hiepii were originally considered to be forms of malipoense. Dr. Koopowitz has raised Paph jackii to be a species and hiepii to be a variety of Paph jackii (Paph jackii var. hiepii). There is a alba form of the species which is pure green with no other coloration.

Plant is easy to grow in culture, seems to like open well draining mixes. The plant will throw rhizomes and send off shoots from the mother plant.

Paph malipoense 'Hanazakari' HCC/AOS

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