Paphiopedilum godefroyae (God.-Leb.) Stein

Paph leucochilum
Paph x ang-thong
Paph godefroyae var ang-thong

Paph godefroyae

Paph godefroyae

Paph godefroyae is mainly found in Thailand but has been reported in Malaysia and Vietnam.  Its flowers have the bold lines of spots and wide petals which is used for hybridizing.  It also carries a strong erect stem.  The general colors are a background of cream to white with the bold spots arranged in lines emanating from the center.  There are several different color forms including an album.

The plants are can be very difficult to grow.  They like good water.  These seem to do best in a open mix with good drainage. 

Paph godefroyae

Paphiopedilum godfroyae

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