Paphiopedilum granduliferum (Blume) Steim

Paphiopedilum praestans
Paphiopedilum gardineri
Paphiopedilum glanduliferum


Paph granduliferum
Paph granduliferum


Found in Indonesia, on the islands of West New Guinea, Misool, Salawati, Jobi and Waigeo.  The species of Paph praestans and Paph gardinerii have been grouped by Cribb into the species Paph granduliferum.  They were orginally split based upon the shape of the staminode but his has since been shown to be natural variation in the species.  These plants and flowers vary in size and intesity of color with Paph granduliferum var. gardineri being smaller and more intense in color.

Plants are slow to grow and flower.  Use a well draining mix.

Paph granduliferum var gardineri

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