Paphiopedilum emersonii Koop. & Cribb

Paph. huonglanae Hort. nom. nud.

Paph emersonii 'Gary' AM/AOS

One of the many new species found in North Vietnam and in the Chinese province of Yunan. Beleived related to the recently discovered Paph hangianum, this beautiful parvi has sepals and petals of cream white to peach colors, some with sparklings of pink. The pouch is small and bulbous with various shades of dirty yellow. There have been two discoveries, the original one from China and a second recent discovery from vietnam. The vietnam strain colors seem more towards the peach colors while the China strains seem more toward white. The species is a very slow growing plant but the vietnam strain is reported to be much faster and easier to grow.

Plant is easy to grow in culture, seems to like open well draining mixes. The plant will throw rhizomes and send off shoots from the mother plant.

Paph emersonii 'Pink Doll' AM/AOS

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