Paphiopedilum chamberlainianum (Sander)
Paphiopedilum victoria-regina 

Paph chamberlainianum var chamberlainianum
Paph victoria-regina
Paph kalinae


Paph chamberlainianum
Paph chamberlainianum

This species is found mainly on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.  It has been classified back and  forth between Paph chamberlainianum or Paph victoria-regina depending upon the opinion of which published description was first and most correct.  Flowers consecutively upon a tall stem.  Can have up to 32 flowers in succession, however only 1-2 are open at a time, lasting maybe 2-3 weeks.   

Plant is generally easy to grow and does like open, draining mixes.

Paph chamberlainianum

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