Paphiopedilum armeniacum S.C. Chen & Liu


Paph armeniacum 'Val' FCC/AOS

One of the many new species found in the Chinese province of Yunan. I remember when the first of these was shown in the AOS judging room. The judges thought it was a yellow form of delenatii and compared it to delenatii. The FCC given to the plan has gone on to a lot of discussion in the AOS judging circles. Colors are beautiful rich golden yellow with speckling of magenta and magenta on the staminode and spots inside the pouch. There is a flava form which is pure yellow (mistakenly sometimes called an alba form).

Plant is easy to grow in culture, seems to like open well draining mixes. The plant will throw rhizomes and send off shoots from the mother plant.

Paph armeniacum 'Summit Gold' AM/AOS

Paph armeniacum 'Bonnair' HCC/AOS

Paph. armeniacum flava

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