Paphiopedilum Supplies and Services:

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Charles T. Rowden Orchid Photography Fine Orchid Photos from one of the worlds renowned Orchid Photographers.
Watercolor Originals and Prints of Paphs StreetMorrisArt: Original Nature-Inspired Art


Paphiopedilum Orchid Growers Manual NEW! 2nd Edition by Lance Birk
Paphiopedilum Books Orchid
Paphiopedilum Books


G&B Orchid Laboratory and Nursery Flasking Services and suppliers
Monsoon Flora Flasking and Propagation Services
Tissue Quick Plant Labs (United Kingdom) Flasking Services 

GIFTS: Send a Paph or other Orchid as a gift!
Natures Glassworks Glass artwork of orchids including Paphs!

INFORMATION (Subscription):

Orchid Subscription service providing specie specific cultural information from Margaret and Charles Baker.


Lone Star Orchids Dyna-Gro fertilizer and supplements, Neem Oil,
Nutricote fertilizer, Physan 20, SUPERthrive, and other growing supplies!
River Valley Orchidworks Decorative Containers and Planters
Roji Pottery Studio Beautiful handmade pots specially made for orchids
Orchid Obsession Potting Media, Pots, Fertilizer, Supplies
Kelly's Corner Potting Media, Pots, Fertilizer, Supplies
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