Paphiopedilum Pictures:

Heckeroth Orchids

Paph and Phrag pictures including AOS / CSA Awards

The Orchid Photo Page

Great Photography of Paph's by Greg Allikas

Marriott Orchids Picture Pages

Photo album of Marriott Orchids Great Photos of stud plants and progeny!

Charles T. Rowden Orchid Photography Gallery of Orchids Photo's by one of the renowned Orchid photographers in the world.

Akashi Orchid Society (Japan)

Pictures of Paph's and Others

Paph Orchid Gallery

By Wilbur Chang

Jeremy's Orchid Photo's Jeremy's Orchid Photo Database

Orchid Photo Album (Japan)

Photos by SyuTyu Sen

Orchid Swamp (Japan)

Orchid Photo Gallery

Orchid Planet

Paph Pictures, information

Pictures so far

Phil's Orchid World Photo Gallery NEW!  Gallery's of Orchid Pictures including over 50 Paphs.

Oasis On-line Gallery

Oasis-The Journal
Australian Orchid Journal On-line Photo Gallery Large gallery of photographs by Matt Pederson of Paphs and other genera.
Slipper Orchid Alliance Large gallery of species and hybrids
Jim's Paphs Nice collection of most Complex Standards from Australia (some species & primaries also)
Also a link to the Australian Paphiopedilum Society Plant of the Year.
Bergstrom Orchids About a dozen pictures of Paphs.
Ezi-Gro Orchids (Australia) Four pages of Paph pictures.
RKGems Orchids About 20 nice pictures
Burleigh Park Orchids Pictures of mostly species
Tiger Orchids About 9 pictures of Paphs
Orchids of Indonesia Paph species from Indonesia
Orchids On-Line 40 pictures of Paph species
Orchidees.Fr (France) Large page with 100's of photos of which 10 are of Paphs
Slipper-web Pages of Paph Photos Paph Photo's by Jim Kennedy
Arboretum MZLU (Czechoslovakia) Lots of Pictures of Paph species and natural hybrids from the Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, Brno, CZ 
Photos by Geoffrey Hands Hundreds of Photos.  Scroll down to the Paphiopedilum Links.
AnTec Laboratory Hundreds of Paph Photo's
Ratcliffe Orchids (England) Pictures from Ratcliffe's
Whippoorwill Orchids Species and Hybrids
San Diego Orchid Society Pictures of Paphs and other Orchids from their Orchid Shows
Sharon's Orchid Page About 25 pictures of Paphs
Sherwood Orchids Pictures from his collection used for hybridizing
Kingswood Orchids Hundreds of photo's of species, primaries, complex colors
Orchid Court About 50 pictures
Paphiopedilum Images 23 Index's of 12 pictures each
Orchid Society of Great Britain (England) Several pages of Paph pictures
Nick's Plant Pages About 10 pictures of Paphs.
Jens Knapp Photographs Beautiful Pictures of Paphs
Some Paph Pictures Lots of Paph pictures
Aries Orchids Paph and Phal pictures
Diablo Valley Orchid Society Pictures of Awards from their shows
CSA Awards Japan These are links to pages with the CSA awards given in Japan, most of them are Paphs.
Desktop Paph Pictures Large Pictures you can use as your wallpaper on your desktop
Jim's Paphs Mostly Standards, nice pictures
Merkle's Orchids Nice gallery of Paph pictures, nice quality


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