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A & P Orchids

Some older listings but some pages are missing

Akerne Orchids (Belgium) Seedlings, species
Andy's Orchids All species

AnTec Laboratory

Flasks, Select Divisions plus a Photo area!

AQ Orchids (Hong Kong) Seedlings of species and hybrids.  Nice Photo's!
Argus Orchids Argus Orchids is back with a new link. Flasks, Species, Hybirds

Aries Orchids

Currently no sales but pictures.

Atlanta Orchid Company Species and Hybrids
Beauty Orchids (Taiwan) Flasks, using rare parents such as Paph stonei alba and vietnamense.

Bergstrom Orchids

Species, seedlings, pictures

Bloomfield Orchids Paphs, Phrags and flasks

Brookside Orchid Gardens (British Columbia)


Burleigh Parks Orchids (Australia)

Paph species, flasks

Cal Orchids Seedlings, species and hybrids

Clackamas Orchids

Species, hybrids, seedlings

Cloud's Orchids


The Dowery Orchid Nursery


Dragon Agro Products

Paph Seedlings and Paph Pictures

EFG Orchids


Elsner Orchideenkulturen (Germany)


Fantasy Orchids Species, Divisions

Flasks by Chuck Acker

Flasks Only

Fox Valley Orchids

Seedlings, species and hybrids of both Paphs and Phrags

G&B Orchid Lab & Nursery Flasks
Gore Orchid Conservatory Paph and Phrag Species and Hybrids
Green Acres Orchids Species, Hybrids

Heckeroth Orchids

Seedlings, Divisions

Hillsview Gardens

Selection of Standard Paph Orchid Hybrids

Klehm Orchids

Seedlings, Divisions

La Cour des Orchidées (France) Seedlings, Species, Primary Hybrids, Hybrids

Marriott Orchids

Specializes in Whites and Pinks! Divisions, Seedlings, Flasks

Mount Prospect Orchids

Species, hybirds

Mountain Orchids Just a few species
Norma's Orchid Ranch Ebay Store
Normans Orchids ( Hundreds of Paphs with a nice search engine

Natt's Orchids

Paphiopedilum and Phrags

Odom's Orchids, Inc. Some Paphs under Misc.
Orchidaceae,  Inc Hybrid seedlings (Belgium)

Flasks, seedlings Species and hybird seedlings, flasks of species and primary hybrids.

Orchideen Tonn (Germany)

Species, hybrids

Orchid Inn Seedlings, hybrids, divisions, flasks, species
Orchids by Hausermann Species and Hybrids
Orchids in our Tropics (Canada) Seedlings

Orchids Limited

Check their current and previous plants of the week for species and hybrids

Orchids Plus More Several species
Paphanatics, Inc. Flasks from Norito

PaphioDePaphio's Slipper Labyrinth

Flasks, Seedlings, Divisions

Paramount Orchids (Alberta, Canada) Seedlings

Parkside Orchid Nursery

Plants, Seedlings

Phelps Farm Orchids


Piping Rock Orchids

Species and Seedlings

Porters Orchids Seedlings, species and hybrids, may pictures

Ratcliffe Orchids Ltd (United Kingdom)

Famous Paph Nursery in the U.K.

RK Gems Orchids and Tropicals Hybrids, compots and flasks
River Valley Orchid Works Paphs Seedlings, supplies
Seagrove Orchids Paph, Phrags and seedlings Specializing in Paphiopedilums & Phragmipediums, offering personal attention and hand-picked special orders
The Slipper Orchid Forum Classified ads for Slipper Orchids
Sun Coast Orchids  Ebay Store

T. Orchids (Thailand)

Species and Seedlings from Thailand

Tindara Orchids Species, Maudie-types, complex hybirds

UK Orchid Guide (UK)

Links to local UK Paph growers

Vintage Orchids Nice selection of species and hybird seedlings, both Paphs and Phrags
White Oak Orchids Paph species and seedlings
WindyHill Gardens Species, Multiflorals, Brachy's, Parvi's

Woodstream Orchids

Seedlings, hybrids, species

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